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Aneta Krpekyan: Still Detrimental

Last week local newspaper Glendale News-Press gave GUSD school board candidates the chance to answer questions relevant to voter concerns. Aneta's responses were notable for two reasons:

Reason #1

For a candidate who presents herself as "back to basics" and focused on the "3 Rs" it's also concerning. Does Aneta have any supporters who will help her access a dictionary?

Reason #2:

Aneta gives her volunteer credentials as reasons she is a qualified candidate. It's unknown whether she is a currently elected school site council member, but important to note the role does not "manage" school budgets. According to the district, site council members serve "in an advisory capacity to the school community by participating in program evaluation and reviewing recommendations regarding the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and categorical budgets." (emphasis added). Beyond this, Aneta appears to contradict her previous public statements about being prevented from volunteering, as seen in the video clip below.

Just about 6 weeks til election day-- will Aneta learn the actual definition of detrimental before then or just continue showing us all what it means?



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