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The Real Aneta is an Extremist.

Aneta Krpekyan has repeatedly stated in public forums that she believes that any mention of LGBTQ+ people in public schools is "indoctrination." 
As a founder of the "GUSD Parents Voices" facebook group, Aneta has been responsible for spreading rumors about GUSD schools, teachers, and even children. These lies demonstrate what appears to be a deep hatred of LGBTQ+ people.
You can read one of her posts below (she has recently scrubbed her social media of lots of her hateful previous comments).
The FAIR Act of California (2011) requires age-appropriate materials that include the contributions of LGBTQ+ people to society in public school curricula. Aneta is asking GUSD to break the law.
Parents are allowed to opt their children out of the ability to check out library books in GUSD schools. 
She has also celebrated the bullying of School Board members who would be her colleagues if elected. Anyone who disagrees with Aneta is falsely labeled a "groomer." She appears to take great pride in bullying progressive Armenian people.
Now Aneta is running for school board in Glendale. She would be in charge of a district that educates 25,000 students (including LGBTQ+ students) in Glendale Unified.
The election is March 5, 2024.
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