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Aneta Loses Her Election, Joins LOKA at Glendale City Council to Defend Local Bigot Ara Najarian

Not content to spend nearly $50,000 to lose her school board race, Aneta joined her old LOKA gang at the April 2nd, 2024 Glendale City Council meeting. The extremists were mad because Ara Najarian's endorsement of their extremist movement and spreading of transphobic lies about GUSD schools had a consequence: Ara Najarian was NOT elected Glendale's next mayor by a 3-2 vote. (Shame on Paula Devine, a former public school teacher. Good riddance.)

Election results aneta krpekyan 2024 gusd
Election Results are Final

During the meeting, non-Glendale residents Manuk Grigorian, Karine 'Ani' Grigoryan, Narek Palyan, and "Eric Semiauto" continued to spread lies about GUSD election (at City Council, which has no jurisdiction over GUSD) and rant about the "unfairness" of Ara Najarian facing a consequence.

Highlights from Aneta's friends and backers included transphobic rants, attacks on Elen Asatryan for not being "Armenian enough" and threats of future violence if the City Council did not make Ara Najarian the (ceremonial) mayor. Ara Najarian then took the podium to rant about why he's the victim here.

Avowed Nazi Narek Palyan is escorted out of Glendale City COuncil
Avowed Nazi and non-resident Narek Palyan is escorted out

photograph of Ara Najarian supporter text messages
Everybody hates Ara

Aneta Krpekyan supporting ara najarian at glendale city council
Aneta got her hair done for this

Non-parent creeps Mike Mohill, noted gay fascist Ray Shelton, and deranged pool guy Tony Passarella also joined in the show. Non-GUSD parent and PUSD Armenian Academy booster Maro Yacoubian (Najarian's sister) argued loudly with residents, clutching her Marc Jacobs bag in a fury.

Ara Najarian, brother of Maro Yacoubian and proud endorser of Jordan Henry and Aneta Krpekyan, threw a tantrum from the dais and stormed out of the Council Chambers after losing the mayoral vote as a consequence of his unhinged lies about GUSD and endorsement of local fascists Henry and Krpekyan. Lackey Paula Devine followed him out.

LOKA extremists booed, taunted, and harassed actual Glendale residents in the audience.

The City Council chaos offered a glimpse of what might have happened if Aneta or Jordan had won their school board race.

Elen Astaryan assumed her post as mayor last night. She is the fist Armenian-American woman to serve as mayor in Glendale, and one of the youngest mayors to serve. Congratulations! շնորհավորում եմ

Ara Najarian City of Glendale NOT THE MAYOR
Ara Najarian is suing! Because!


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