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Henry4Glendale with Aneta Krpekyan Glendale School Board Extremist

Hey Glendale...

A self-published romance writer who hates free and fair public schools lost her bid for Glendale Unified school board using "parental rights" to attack LGBTQ+ teachers and students.

Extremists Don't Win Elections in Glendale
Time to meet the real Aneta Krpekyan.

Aneta Krpekyan in GUSD parking lot june 6th 2023 with violent protestors LOKA leave our kids alone
AnetaforGlendale Aneta Krpekyan with Louie Flores Proud Boy GUSD
Jordan Henry Henry4glendale with Aneta Krpekyan AnetaforGUSD campaign launch
Jordan Henry Henry4Glendale With Aneta Krepkyan AnetaforGUSD at Aneta's campaign launch
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