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Aneta Krpekyan Demands Transparency on Curriculum, Yet Ghosts on GUSD Curriculum Nights

One of Aneta's big words is "transparency."

She demands "transparency" from GUSD. Aneta Krpekyan does not seem to understand that in California public schools, all curriculum content and standards are public information. GUSD parents can also access their students' work using online portals like Clever and Google Classroom. Parents and guardians (yes, you too, Aneta!) can attend fall Back to School Nights and spring Open Houses. Parents can even ask for conferences with teachers to discuss their child's work and progress!

Nevertheless, GUSD's Board decided to offer TWO curriculum nights this month to address any concerns or questions. At each night, parents and guardians were invited to hear directly from teaching and learning staff, flip through books and materials, and ask questions about TK-12 curriculum.

Aneta Krpekyan failed to show up for the October 16th and 17th curriculum nights.

Only about 25 parents attended each night.

Could it be that parents are...fine with what their kids are being taught?

Maybe Aneta wants something else besides "transparency"?

Will Aneta Krpekyan ever be fully transparent about her motivations for running for School Board?

Is it to file lawsuits and pursue vouchers?

Is it to get "viral content" from the board meetings?

Time will tell. Glendale voters should look closely at what Aneta Krpekyan says compared to what she does.



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